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Hip Hop / R&B / Spoken Word

Philadelphia native Dub P. Adychshun is a member of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group F.A.M. From early on, he listened to hip-hop sounds blaring from the stereos of his older brothers. Inspired by many, Adychshun decided to take listening to hip-hop a step further. He formed and DJ’ed for hip-hop groups while in boarding school. He also produced the internationally known The Addiction Mixtape & Grinding Season. True to being a pioneer in the hip-hop world,

Adychshun formed F.A.M. and Freedom Born Records with Tony Spades while attending the University of Pennsylvania.
When asked his motivation, Adychshun added “Philly has not been able to produce platinum artists on their own. Our city has always been told by outsiders who should represent us. I would like to assist in this jihad against the industry to help my city attain its proper place in the hip-hop world.”

Featured on hot tracks like BIGGER CUT and MY ADDICTION, Dub P provides an in-depth look on life in the world of hip-hop. Adychshun has performed with Tony Spades and Club Fluid, the Arts Garage, The Island Bar & Grill, The Rusty Nail, and the legendary Trocadero. F.A.M's first album Hungry debuted December 15, 2009 and is making headlines as it pushes through iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and

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