#SearchingforLife: The Movie

Independent Filmmaker Malcolm Brooks delivers an Inspiring Film with a Good Message and family friendly. Searching for Life: Coming November 13, 2014! www.searching-for-life.com

Synopsis: Searching for Life is an inspirational drama about finding purpose, healing, reconciliation and a Merry Christmas for all! It all starts when a successful stockbroker promises his dying mother he will take care of her 8 year-old adopted Orphan gets fired from his job!

The story starts during the Christmas Season but no Christmas spirit can be found as Sean McCoy’s beloved mother has succumb to her illness. Sean McCoy played by the talented Carl Windom loves his money, things and Fiancé’ played by the beautiful Paige Annette, but fail to see the beauty of an 8 year-old girl played magnificently by Miracle Reigns left in his care. Embarking on this journey of Searching for Life though not in his plans, he comes to realize People are more important than things and thus bringing a Merry Christmas for all!

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