Eddy Krow Presents: "Chocolate" ( Follow @KrowEddy On Twitter )

Eddy Krow Presents:  "Chocolate"

"Chocolate" is the new smash single from Eddy Krow! The single has been blazing radio stations in Houston and Atlanta! Over the last 3 weeks he has over 700 radio spins! We guarantee, if you break this record on your radio station; callers will be going CRAZY for some "Chocolate!"

Eddy Krow started recording Hip Hop when he was 14. He loved composing stories; hearing a beat and being able to record his voice became addictive to Eddy Krow. True to himself, he stands firm on the motto: "I bring real hip hop; I'm not trying to be someone I'm not"

Eddy Krow brings back REAL, good music with authentic catchy vocals. To get lost in a beat and be able to write to it is an ultimate high for him. Clear lyrics and balanced energy allow listeners to relax and dance to the music. His music can best be described as feel good, powerful, current and addictive.

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