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'Rare' [rair]:
  • unusually great
  • unusually excellent; admirable; fine
  • marked by an uncommon quality
  • not widely distributed is a minority owned music distribution website, dedicated strictly to Hip-Hop. is an online Hip-Hop community, that supplies and showcases music that one will not hear on mainstream radio nor see on major video networks, hence it being 'Rare'.  We celebrate the legends that paved the way and promote the future legends of today's Underground Hip-Hop scene.
A number of artists are still active today, but you will not hear their music on the radio. We will be the platform for those performers. In addition, is a marketing tool for Independent artists and labels that are looking to have their music heard and sold around the world.  Even artists that are mainstream and want to express themselves in a different creative light, will have a means of being heard via our service as well. will push all artists in our community to stay creative and allow the fan to choose what is true Hip-Hop!

We are an outlet for All artists and we specialize in 'Rare' music of the Hip-Hop culture.  

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