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Kamilah Shani

Kamilah Shani has been dominating the underground hip-hop scene with her unique style and charisma since the age of 15. Her mother and father both Muslims raised Kamilah and her brothers and sisters in New Jersey and Florida. Her upbringing instilled the importance of African culture and a love for the creative arts. Her introduction to the art form of writing came at 5 years old. She began writing stories and poems and hasn't put down the pen since. Kamilah moved back to New Jersey after the death of her mother when she was only nine years old. The change in environment and mourning the loss of her mother made the move back to the Brick City a challenging transition. Hip hop culture provided an outlet and soon Kamilah Shani became fully immerse in her music and began penning her first lyrics.

Fellow Brick City lyricist Lauryn Hill provided her with a rare example of what it takes to be a dope rapper, artist and a strong woman. Nas, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, and Tupac were also major influences that helped shape her approach to writing and recording. Her sisters were also involved in the Hip Hop world and helped show her the ropes. However, the person that proved to be most influential in her approach to music and writing was her mother, a writer of African American children’s books, poetry and life stories from the heart. 

She took all she learned from her family and friends, picked up the microphone and hasn't put it down since. She is currently working on her first mixtape, Welcome to the Peep Show hosted by DJ Onpoint. This mixtape is just a glimpse into what Kamilah Shani is capable of. She has been featured on several underground mixtapes with DJ’s and has appeared in the “Unsigned Hype” column in The Source Magazine, and was also featured in a full spread in Elemental Magazine. Kamilah Shani is an entrepreneur and plans to expand her talents to include future business ventures as well as writing, directing movies and plays.

Kamilah Shani

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