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C.Strong is a Hip Hop artist from North Alabama and 1/2 of the Christian hip hop group The Bloodline with his brother D.Hardin. The Bloodline formed in 2007 and released their first LP 'Book of Rhymes' in 2008 and have since released 2 more joint projects (Unleashed) (Timeless). They also own and run their own Label (HardinStrong Music) In 2011 the duo began releasing Solo projects! C.Strong released his classic first mixtape 'The Monkey in the Middle' in 2011 and in 2012 he released the Classic LP 'Crucified By The Game' which has spread over seas and led to C.Strong being featured as Artist of Week on London's Westside Radio! He is currently set to release his third solo LP 'Prophetic Pictures' on 7/30/13 and has a new hit single out called 'Despite What They Say' out now on ITunes and Google Play!

New Single 'Despite What They Say' https://itun.es/us/-xtXK

C.Strong of The Bloodline 'Crucified By The Game LP' @CstrongTimeless | http://t.co/CpYrhUIR8e via @MixConnect 

C Strong - The Monkey in the Middle | http://mixconnect.com/listen/C+Strong+-+The+Monkey+in+the+Middle-mid8119 via @MixConnect

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