Honey Academy "Model Of The Month" Dyesha Hicks (Miss December)

Honey Academy

1.What's your full name?(So that we could get to know you a little better).
Dyesha "Thighesha Monroe" Hicks

2. How did you feel when you were nominated for Honey Academy's "Miss December"? I was flattered!! After just being on the site for less than month, I was contacted about the "Miss December" nomination. Not to mention, my mommy's birthday is in December! So I was like "Oooh snap!" this would be a treat for her *giggles*

3.What characteristics do you feel makes a "Great Model"? (explain)
What makes me a "great model" is my extreme versatility. And I’m not just speaking of ever changing hair styles. I’m talking about embracing fashion and being a true individual within this business. I adore fashion, but I don’t just limit myself to putting on clothes and taking pictures. Besides fashion modeling, I am a co-host on a popular podcast show, a spokes model, actress, and fitness enthusiast. My growing range is what makes me a great model.

4. What is the biggest misconception about you? (explain)
People tend to think my sunny upbeat demeanor is unrealistic. Lol, it cracks me up, because the moment I get a tad bit serious, I’m deemed a bitch. You can’t win!

5.What is your "guilty pleasure"?(explain)
Omg! Cheeses!!! I can eat it slice by slice and I don’t need bread or crackers to accompany it either!! From Munster cheese, to Swiss, provolone, extra sharp cheddar, to fresh mozzarella…I have a major addiction, lol!! I have a weakness for creamy moist pleasures I guess *wink*

6.What's your favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
What model eats fast food??.....this model!! Lol (moderation is the key) …as far as fast food spots 'Shake Shack' is the top dog when it comes to my fast food cravings. Second place is Wendy’s and third (for those drunken nights) White Castles (YES I eat that crap!!)

7.What's your favorite "Motto" and why?(Explain)
Ask, believe, receive (Universal Law). I strive to follow this motto daily. These 3 words empower me to the point of feeling I can accomplish and gain anything my mind is focused on. And with that ambition I can conquer anything.

8. What is a typical day in your shoes, like from sunrise to sun down?(details)
Starting Monday – Friday, I’m up by 3:50am and out the door by 4:20am( yes, crazy early) . I currently work for a fitness center located in Barclays. I juggle all my desk job responsibilities along with my "to do list" that caters to my modeling agenda. Around 10am I get to my daily work out in (always intense with thoughts of vomiting, lol) that’s about an hour and 20 minutes of fitness. By 4pm I head back home to finish up emails. I spend 3-4 hours on the Internet which includes but is not limited to: blogging, promoting, editing photos, browsing potential designers and photographers to collaborate with, setting up shoots, and being interactive with Facebook and Twitter peeps …by 8pm I start on my "wifey mode" tasks , lol. Preparing dinner and cleaning takes a little over an hour. I end my evening with spending time with my lover and best friend. Saturday and Sunday the grind continues, I just start my day later. Photo shoots, gigs, events, or just catching up with friends and fam’ is the regular schedule on Saturday...on Sunday handle my co-host responsibilities , with prepping and travel it takes up the majority of my day ((The End *faints*))

9.Who in the modeling industry that inspires you?
I have many, but I can honestly say I really love the longevity that Cindy Crawford has had within the modeling industry. She has been in the business for over 26 years!! I also have a place in my heart for Grace Jones. She is a true fashion icon and an innovator in every aspect!!

10.What is your favorite season? Why?
Well, in NYC, we are experiencing less and less of season changes, but I would have to say Late Spring/start of summer. It’s such a lusty feeling that over takes me. I love summer nights in NYC

11.What or who keeps you grounded in the modeling industry?
Everyone including myself! From my lover, family, & friends. They all contribute to giving me a reality check every now and then. I’m quite modest as well, I don’t get a big head about anything. Humility is key.

12. What's your favorite food?(details)
My mothers lasagna!! It’s to die for!! It is a true specialty and when EVER I mention she is cooking it everyone comes with a plate in hand….shit is KRAY!!! But it is worth the hype.

13. What's the craziest thing that has happened at a photo shoot?(details)
There is ALWAYS something crazy to expect on set when it comes to a shoot. Lol, Here’s one of my many crazy moments; during a photo shoot for one of my favorite designer pals Tiffany of Butchdiva.com , I knew I was in for a treat ;). During that year each time I shot with her it was like a mini party, lol. During the shoot we were both having a great time, (a little too much fun!) lol, I decide to have her shoot me in the shower while wearing one of her pieces. I was like a naughty wet sex kitty *covers face* LOL!! The images came out quite yummy though…good times indeed. (see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=RNImFMw-wIo )

14.What are your short term goals?(explain)
A short term goal of mine is to have a role in an independent film that is featured at the Tribeca Film Festival . I’m working hard at making that happen.

15. If you were elected Miss December, what would be the first thing you would do?
First I would tell my mother, she is one of my biggest fans and supporters. Then I would give a shout out to the models that were also nominated, we all are winners no matter what. I would thank Honey Academy and tell them it is a pleasure to represent for Miss December 2012” ….then I would do a curtsy J lol.

16.What are the special skills and talents that you possess but only few people know about? (details)(It can be humorous)
…I’m a (P.R.I.D.E) Ambassador of Hospitality within my company (Plusone). The hold 5 star customer service at high standards, and I represent that well. I’m also great at make-up application; I do my on make-up for most of my shoots.

17.If the opportunity of giving back to the community came along would you accept it? How would you give back? Yes I would accept it, in a heart beat. I want to be given a platform to speak to young girls (ages 10-17) and encourage them to stay in school, pursue their dreams and fall back on perusing boys. They will ALWAYS be there and trust me, boys become HOT men, SO WAIT and take your time!! Girls should stay young ladies for as long as this system allows. Their in no rush to be a sexy vixen.

18.Who would you like to work with in the near future?
Again, so many to name… I love the designers of a boutique in NYC called L'impasse, working with them again would be great. I definitely would like to have another round of shooting with the designer of Butch Diva. Something that I would REALLY love and have always wanted to do is be in a music video with LL Cool J , I’ve loved him before it was ok for me to drool over him (basically I was too young) …if anyone knows him tell him toHOLLA at me!!! (SERIOUSLY)

19.Are you currently working on any new projects?
I am currently a regular host for a podcast show, I get to display my "raw" personality. I have my own segment "Health and Fitness" each week I give fitness and beauty tips. I am also currently reading for a role in a movie titled "Hooked" directed by Hakim Wray

20.How can fans stay in touch with you? Thank you Honey Academy SO much for this fun and inquisitive interview!!

Please check me at on the following....

Twitter: @JusDYEalready & @DyeshaHicks Instagram: JusDYEalready
Tumblr: http://jusdyeinreality.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/dyesha1
YouTube Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAm8yFFGCJA&feature=plcp
Website (my hub): www.DyeshaHicks.com

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