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Location: South Carolina
Category: Entertainment

SUSPEKT is a rap veteran coming out of the notorious state of South Carolina. Surprisingly, by hearing the music, you wouldn't believe your eyes when you seen who was behind the mic. Although, it's an era where the race isn't a factor anymore, he's a bit different. From having street cred, and state respect in hoods all over his state, he's known for his grimey, gutta, sound. Unlike a lot of the faces in rap today who are gimmick, he's one of the select few who actually has a legit background in the streets. 

Growing up, he was in a single parent house hold, where he knows what hard times is all about. As a kid, with his mother working two jobs just to make it, wasn't always a stable lifestyle. He grew up living in the car, motels, living with family, etc. He was in trouble from the time he stepped into public school. Fighting was the start of his troubles. 

As he grew up, his fighting got him into groups of people who were involved in more than just the streets. He landed himself in crews that were involved in the gang life. He started doing more violent crimes which landed him in jail numerous times. Faced with life decisions, he smartened up, although he has stuck to dedication to the streets. His loyalty to the streets and creating a change for him and his crew had him make a decision, which turned his street hustle into the music hustle. 

Today, people say he's a diamond in the rough. Some say it's meant to be. Today, he just say's it's his passion, and music is like each breath he takes. 

It's history in the making.

Last Updated August 8, 2011
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