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Location: Riverside, California
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3rd World Music Group founder, artist, producer and songwriter, Breeze Illinois has taken the music industry by storm in every sense of the word. Born in Illinois (hence the last name) then relocated to California at an early age with his mother Elizabeth and father Earl Matthews, Breeze always remained true to his Midwest roots. Quote his phrase “Illinois made me, Cali streets raised me” he has been able to incorporate the knowledge, drive, hustle, and intellect into one fine specimen that you see before you today. 

With the recent release of his debut mixtape “Check Out My Bravado” and several volumes to follow, he has been a true testament of hard work and dedication and never giving up on a dream.Introducing The 3rd World Music Group, Starring singer,songwriter,producer Da Queen Mz. Keyah, producer,engineer,songwriter, L.A.rry L.A.vell, artists Denali West,Wonzo Villiano, Rafiel Feelgood and the Goddess D.C a strategically selected group of elite individuals determined to change the face of music’s future.

Inspired by Hip Hop icons like Notorious BIG, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, E-40 and Ice Cube, he has developed a unique style of his own favored by his lyrical ability, intense vocab, and natural charisma. Known for his creative alter egos that you will definitely get a taste of, Exodus Da Exacutiona just one in particular who will be featuring on the upcoming single “Jeepers Creepers” has remained to capture the ears of many around the world. Other Alter Egos you might hear of Breezel F.Payme, B.ILL BRAVADO, Brick Flair, Below Zero just to name a few.

Currently residing in Southern California, look out for Breeze Illinois in your city, town, state, and country. As long as he breathes and remains healthy in Hip Hop he will continue to achieve the destiny that has been often prophesized and set upon him. By the grace of God he has been chosen to be what he is and meant to be…….MUSIC. Stay tuned for the movement.


Last Updated: August 14, 2011
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