Very Important Promoter Duties

We want goal driven individuals, who have a desire to obtain some type of exposure through marketing or adverting on Twitter. 

Duties & Requirements: ·

  • Promote the team at least 10 times a day when online. [all members required to be in promo] 
  • Do solos to [@GrimesPromotion] at least 10 times a day when online 
  • Promote any and all current events or specials that Team Grimes Promo has going on.
  • Must have over 50K. Following Back 85% - 100
  • Must have an active Twitter account with an updated picture 
  • Must be a follower of @GrimesPromotion for at least months 
  • Add #TeamGrimesPromo or #TGP to your bio 
  • Must configure custom #TeamGrimesPromo & #TeamAutoFollow VIP members list 
  •  Must be on Twitter for business related purposes.

Any violation of “Duties & Requirements” section 
more than 3 times in 2 weeks will result in 2 week probation. 
If violation is not resolved member will be removed from the VIP list.  

  • Benefits: All VIP’s will gain countless promos by all of Grimes Social Media Twitter accounts including timeline promos.
Interested Candidates submit completed letter of intent to: Grimes Social Media Promotions;, Subject: Top Promoter of #TeamGrimesPromo!!

Promoter Duties are subject to change at any time.

Last Updated February 16, 2012

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