Team Vips and Interns

 ***Attention Loyal Followers***

 #TeamGrimesPromo IS currently looking for THREE dedicated VIP to help us promote our Twitter clients and followers. Everyone wants more of those loyal Twitter followers right? Must be on Twitter for business related purposes. We want goal driven individuals, who have a desire to obtain some type of exposure through marketing or advertising on Twitter.

Do you think you have what it takes?
If you have less than 30K Twitter followers

If you have more than 30K Twitter followers than keep on reading...

Title: Very Important Promoter Of #TeamGrimesPromo
Position Type: Part Time


Purpose: Promotes and nurtures to educate followers about the many parts of #TeamGrimesPromo which should include but not limited to; the history, the purpose, and the potential gain a follower can obtain if they should use our services. By tweeting, monitoring, assisting with, and correcting, followers’ efforts to provide a safe environment conducive to learning how to gain followers without violating Twitter’s TOS.

Duties & Requirements


Any member in violation of the “Duties & Requirements” section more than 3 times in 2 weeks will be put on 2 week probation. If violation is not resolved member will be removed from the VIP list.


All VIP’s will gain countless promos by all of Grimes Social Media Twitter accounts including timeline promos and dm promos; will also be added to #TeamAutoFollow’s website & this website, finally all VIP's will be added to numerous Twitter Lists.

This is just an introduction to what you will gain there is SO MUCH MORE!!

Interested Candidates submit completed letter of intent to:

Grimes Social Media Promotions;
Subject: Top Promoter of #TeamGrimesPromo

Last Updated June 15, 2011

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