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Team Grimes Follower Promotions
1.    How Does Our Twitter Promo Team Work?
2.    How Do I Become A VIP Member of #TeamGrimesPromo?
3.    What Are Some Popular #HashTags For Follower Exposure?
4.    Do You Provide A 100% Guarantee That I Will Gain Followers?

Team Grimes Follower Promotions

1. How Does Our Twitter Promo Team Work?

Helping You Help Yourself . We Provide Daily Follower Promo's & Shout-Out's to thousands of people around the globe for followers who follow their followers back and for members of our Team.

Following these steps will provide you with proper promotion by our team.

o    You Promo us to your followers FIRST and we will then Promo you to ours.

 MUST be following the CEO's accounts @GrimesPromotion and ALL Team Grimes members listed.

 MUST not include any other @name but our own, group Promo's are done on our @GrimeyTrain account.

MAXIMUM number of Promo's we will do for you at one time is (5). So if you do (1) we will do (1) and so on, until you reach (5). Doing too many will annoy our followers and cause them to unfollow us. We dont want that right?

o    You follow someone WE Promo.
MUST tell us you followed them. If you are not following our team you will not be promoted
Please include the @name of the person you followed in your Tweet.
To help the Promo process run smoother. Let person who you followed know you want to be followed back .

Please Note: Mention us you followed someone we promoted and you DID NOT follow them will lead to you being UNFOLLOWED and possibly BLOCKED. So please mention wisely.


o    Promo's are ONLY given to the people who Promo us and already following our team
Ask for a Promo in our DM'S or MENTION's and you WILL BE UNFOLLOWED.

o    If you DO NOT have a profile picture you WILL NOT be receive a Promo.
It is a fact people only follow those who they know are real and active on their accounts. So please have a picture ready for the world to see. If you need help uploading one we can assist you.



Persons of Profession or Company that need help building their follower base. Please email us so we can discuss a more elaborate plan to help you gain followers.

2. How Do I Become A VIP Member of #TeamGrimesPromo?

Currently we ARE accepting new members into our team.

Thank you for considering to join our Team.

Contact Us To Find Out About Our REQUIREMENTS of VIP's.

3. What Are Some Popular #HashTags For Follower Exposure?
o    #TeamGrimesPromo/#TGP
o    #TeamAutoFollow/#TAF
o    #TeamFollowBack/#TFB
o    #500aDay/#FF

4. Do You Provide A 100% Guarantee That I Will Gain Followers?

We DO NOT provide a guarantee that you will gain followers. People follow you because of the quality of your tweets NOT solely because we ask them to. Find a niche and provide great content.

Last Updated June 27, 2011

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