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In 2009 I blogging as @BlessedPromoTwt, started an account on Twitter because of Ashton & Diddy, you know that bet they had to see who could get to one million Twitter followers first? Well it attracted media attention and mine. It made me want to see what Twitter was all about, so I made a name, that to this day I can't remember what it was. I was just checking things out you know? And I have a couple of friends and family who both have businesses. So I would occassionally tell people about them aka "promote" or better known terms "market" and "advertise", and a light bulb went off in my head.

So then I became @BlessedPromoTwt Online Promotions which stands for Blessed Promo Tweets, which I think is a little self explanatory, I would also promote for my Twitter followers most of which were into music and social networking guru's. Music is my passion, so I had no problem helping people share their great music with other people. So that became my promoting niche.

To make this long story short, in order to have that exposure you need the Twitter followers, targeted to your market of course, so I would push and push my follow button at least one hundred or more times a day in hopes of being followed back. Well in 2010 it seemed that things were going a bit slow and I was stuck at six thousand Twitter followers, so I decided to make an account to help my main acccount @BlessedPromoTwt and my clients and friends who use Twitter more followers, and in that process I saw that there was a demand for people who wanted to gain more and that there were people out there who actually wanted to help them.

That's how @TeamBlessedPromo came along, and now here in 2011 my account has grown to 27,000+ Twitter followers and continuing to grow everyday. I can say that my account gains one thousand followers every week, at least that's what TwitterCounter tells me on a weekly basis. My original account (@BlessedPromoTwt) is now up to 17,000+. So my goal I set out to accomplish is being met and I'm helping more people on Twitter in the process.

Now not only does Blessed Promotions provide professional promotions but we have a follow and gain division as well to help people who want or need more Twitter followers. So if your reading this right now, that's how this all began and what we are about. So go push that follow button!

Pass the word along if you know someone who knows someone who needs professional advertising and marketing on Twitter. Or anyone you know who just wants to increase their followers send them our way, either way all the love is greatly appreciated and reciprocated.

Happy Tweeting!!

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Last Updated April 14, 2012

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