#MusicMonday ReTweets

Something For The Musicians

Twitter has a #Hashtag that trends Monday #MusicMonday.
Your chance to get YOUR music heard and to network 
with other Social Networking junkies on Twitter.

Grimes Social Media Promotions has always stuck by the theory: spamming someone with your music is NOT as effective as having a GREAT promo flow from your Timeline to theirs in a timely and professional manner. 

All you need is creativity and 140 characters. 

Can you get it done? 

How Grimes Social Media Promotions can help you spread your music. 

The power of Tweeting is in the distance your Tweet reaches, just like Klout tells you how many people you reach and which words you say had the most AFFECT on people. What you SAY and how you SAY it greatly determines how big your audience will expand on Twitter and we want to help you get your message across to the world. 

You do want world domination don't you? 
(#Shoutout to @RoelNY)

Here is what Grimes Social Media Promotions will do for you if you do a little for us...

Tweet && Promo

Available to our Twitter Followers
#MusicMonday ONLY.
 You should first make sure you are following Grimes Social Media Promotions on Twitter

Tweet your music PROMO to our Twitter followers (225K+) 
SIX times over ONE 24/hour period.

Do What's Listed AFTER you 'Follow' our Twitter via @GrindinGrimes

Tweet 5 of our Professional promos found below. Submit 6 promo Tweets you want Tweeted by Grimes Social Media Promotions and your Twitter name and a valid email into the submission box below.
Tweet Me #1 - Free Promotion
Tweet Me #2 - Turf Music
Tweet Me #3 - Sick YG
Tweet Me #4 - Facebook Group
Tweet Me #5 - Radio Station

Submit Your Tweets AFTER you have tweeted the 5 required TWEETS above!
Grimes Social Media Promotions Will Take It From There
Also it would be nice if you could follow the people mentioned in the Tweets!! Let's Network

Please Note: We do not support spammers, we will look over your Twitter tweets to make sure you and whoever is mentioned in the promos you submit has not flooded his or her Twitter followers with repeated promotional messages of the same content, performing this action WILL disqualify you from participating in this promotional event. So if you submit information in our form and do not see your promos from us you now know why.

This promotional opportunity is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Twitter.

Last Updated June 17, 2012

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